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  • But the children inside her struggled so much that she said, 'If this is the way of it, why go on living?' So she went to consult Yahweh, (Genesis 25, 22)

  • Moses replied to his father-in-law, 'Because the people come to me to consult God. (Exodus 18, 15)

  • Moses used to take the Tent and pitch it outside the camp, far away from the camp. He called it the Tent of Meeting. Anyone who wanted to consult Yahweh would go out to the Tent of Meeting, outside the camp. (Exodus 33, 7)

  • He will present himself to the priest Eleazar who will consult Yahweh on his behalf by means of the rite of the urim; at his command, they will go out and, at his command, they will come in, he and all the Israelites with him, the whole community.' (Numbers 27, 21)

  • They replied, 'Then consult God, so that we may know whether the journey we are on will lead to success.' (Judges 18, 5)

  • They moved off, up to Bethel, to consult God. The Israelites put the question, 'Which of us is to go first into battle against the Benjaminites?' And Yahweh replied, 'Judah is to go first.' (Judges 20, 18)

  • In Israel, in olden days, when anyone used to go to consult God, he would say, 'Come on, let us go to the seer,' for a man who is now called a 'prophet' used to be called a 'seer' in olden days. (1 Samuel 9, 9)

  • Saul then said to his servants, 'Find a necromancer for me, so that I can go and consult her.' His servants replied, 'There is a necromancer at En-Dor.' (1 Samuel 28, 7)

  • Samuel said, 'Why consult me, when Yahweh has abandoned you and has become your enemy? (1 Samuel 28, 16)

  • The king of Israel said to Jehoshaphat, 'There is one more man through whom we can consult Yahweh, but I hate him because he never has a favourable prophecy for me, only unfavourable ones; he is Micaiah son of Imlah.' 'I hope the king's words are unjustified,' said Jehoshaphat. (1 Kings 22, 8)

  • Ahaziah had fallen from the balcony of his upper room in Samaria, and was lying ill; so he sent messengers, saying to them, 'Go and consult Baal-Zebub god of Ekron and ask whether I shall recover from my illness.' (2 Kings 1, 2)

  • But the angel of Yahweh said to Elijah the Tishbite, 'Up! Go and intercept the king of Samaria's messengers. Say to them, "Is there no God in Israel, for you to go and consult Baal-Zebub god of Ekron? (2 Kings 1, 3)

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