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  • Like a shepherd's tent, my dwelling has been pulled down and thrown away; like a weaver, you rolled up my life and cut it from the loom: from day to night you made me waste away. (Isaiah 38, 12)

  • He sits far above the vault of the earth, with its inhabitants like grasshoppers; he stretches out the heavens as a curtain and spreads them out like a tent where he dwells. (Isaiah 40, 22)

  • Enlarge the space for your tent, stretch out your hangings, lengthen your ropes and strengthen your stakes, (Isaiah 54, 2)

  • My tent is destroyed, all its cords are snapped. My children have left me and are no more; no one is left to pitch my tent or to set my shelter up. (Jeremiah 10, 20)

  • Like an enemy he has bent his bow, his right hand steadying the arrow. All our pride of manhood he slew as he took his stand as a foe, pouring out fury like fire upon the tent of Zion's daughter. (Lamentations 2, 4)

  • He will set up the tent of his military camp between the sea and the Holy Mountain of the Beautiful Land. Then he will come to his end and no one will come to his aid. (Daniel 11, 45)

  • And the Word was made flesh; he had his tent pitched among us, and we have seen his Glory, the Glory of the only Son coming from the Father: fullness of truth and loving-kindness. (John 1, 14)

  • No, you carried instead the tent of Moloch and the star of the god Rehan, images you made to worship, for this I will banish you farther than Babylon.' (Acts 7, 43)

  • Our ancestors had the Tent of Meeting in the desert, for God had directed Moses to build it according to the pattern he had seen. (Acts 7, 44)

  • We know that when our earthly dwelling, or rather our tent, is destroyed, we may count on a building from God, a heavenly dwelling not built by human hands, that lasts forever. (2 Corinthians 5, 1)

  • As long as we are in the field-tent, we indeed moan our unbearable fate for we do not want this clothing to be removed from us; we would rather put the other over it, that the mortal body may be absorbed by true life. (2 Corinthians 5, 4)

  • In fact, the ritual celebrated by those priests is only an imitation and shadow of the supernatural ritual. We know the word of God to Moses with regard to the construction of the holy tent. He said: You are to make everything according to the pattern shown to you on the mountain. (Hebrews 8, 5)

“Seja grato e beije docemente a mão de Deus. É sempre a mão de um pai que pune porque lhe quer bem” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina