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  • I had a secret revelation; a whisper of it reached my ear. (Job 4, 12)

  • The revelation of all this has become for you like the words of a sealed scroll. When someone gives it to another who knows how to read and says, "Read this," the other one answers, "I cannot; it is sealed." (Isaiah 29, 11)

  • Suppose, brothers and sisters, I go to you and I speak in tongues, of what use will it be to you if I do not bring you some revelation, knowledge, prophecy or teaching? (1 Corinthians 14, 6)

  • What then shall we conclude, brothers? When you gather, each of you can take part with a song, a teaching, or a revelation, by speaking in tongues or interpreting what has been said in tongues. But let all this build up the Church. (1 Corinthians 14, 26)

  • If a revelation comes to one of those sitting by, let the first be silent. (1 Corinthians 14, 30)

  • nor did I receive it from anyone, I was not taught of it but it came to me as a revelation from Christ Jesus. (Galatians 1, 12)

  • Following a revelation, I went to lay before them the Gospel that I am preaching to the pagans. I had a private meeting with the leaders - lest I should be working or have worked in a wrong way. (Galatians 2, 2)

  • By a revelation he gave me the knowledge of his mysterious design, as I have explained in a few words. (Ephesians 3, 3)

  • It is said that Moses was found faithful as a servant of God over all his household, and as witness of a former revelation from God. (Hebrews 3, 5)

  • The Revelation of Jesus Christ. God gave it to him to let his servants know what is soon to take place. He sent his angel to make it known to his servant, John, (Revelation 1, 1)

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