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  • Yahweh said to Noah, "I have in mind to destroy all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. This is why I will destroy them and with them the earth. (Genesis 6, 13)

  • His brothers were jealous of him but his father kept in mind what he had said. (Genesis 37, 11)

  • Never mind the things you leave there, for the best in all Egypt is yours!" (Genesis 45, 20)

  • Yahweh had hardened the mind of Pharaoh, king of Egypt, who set out in pursuit of the Israelites as they marched forth triumphantly. (Exodus 14, 8)

  • So when Aaron enters the sanctuary wearing the Breastpiece of judgment, he will bear the names of the sons of Israel on his breast to call them to mind continually in the presence of Yahweh. (Exodus 28, 29)

  • Yahweh then changed his mind and would not yet harm his people. (Exodus 32, 14)

  • Yahweh shall punish you with madness and blindness and confusion of mind. (Deuteronomy 28, 28)

  • Hand over those wicked men of Gibeah to us, that we may kill them and banish the evil from Israel." But the Benjaminites did not mind their Israelite brothers. (Judges 20, 13)

  • I will raise up for myself a faithful priest who shall act according to my heart and mind. I will give him a lasting succession that will serve me and my anointed one forever. (1 Samuel 2, 35)

  • Now Adonijah, son of Haggith, had in mind that he would be king and so he provided himself with a chariot and horsemen, and fifty men to run before him. (1 Kings 1, 5)

  • Give me, therefore, an understanding mind in governing your people that I may discern between good and evil. For who is able to govern this multitude of people of yours?" (1 Kings 3, 9)

  • I shall grant you your request. I now give you a wise and discerning mind such as no one has had before you nor anyone after you shall ever have. (1 Kings 3, 12)

“Para consolar uma alma na sua dor, mostre todo o bem que ela ainda pode fazer”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina