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  • Let it please my lord to go ahead of me while I move on slowly at the pace of the cattle I'm driving and that of the children, until I reach my lord at Seir." (Genesis 33, 14)

  • His brothers said to him, "So you want to rule us or lord it over us!" They hated him even more because of his dreams and what he said. (Genesis 37, 8)

  • But Er, Judah's firstborn, was wicked in Yahweh's sight and the Lord took his life. (Genesis 38, 7)

  • Some time after this it happened that the cupbearer of the king of Egypt, who prepared the drinks for Pharaoh, and his chief baker offended their lord. (Genesis 40, 1)

  • They said, "No, my lord, your servants have come to buy grain for food. (Genesis 42, 10)

  • Then the man who is lord of the land said: By this I will know if you are honest. Leave one of your brothers here; take grain to save your families from the famine and go. (Genesis 42, 33)

  • They said to him, "Why does my lord speak like that? Far be it from your servants to do such a thing. (Genesis 44, 7)

  • The money we found in the mouths of our sacks, we brought back to you from the land of Canaan! How then could we have stolen silver or gold from your lord's house? (Genesis 44, 8)

  • If one of your servants is found with the object, he will die and we too will become my lord's slaves." (Genesis 44, 9)

  • Then Judah said, "What shall we say to my lord? How can we prove our innocence? God has uncovered your servant's guilt; we are my lord's slaves, we and the one who has been found with the cup." (Genesis 44, 16)

  • Judah then went forward and said, "My lord, allow your servant to speak. Do not be angry with your servant, although you are equal to Pharaoh himself. (Genesis 44, 18)

  • We said to my lord: 'We have an aged father who had a child in his old age. His brother is dead and he is the only one left of his mother's children. And his father loves him.' (Genesis 44, 20)

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