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  • All the days of the earth, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day, will not cease.” (Genesis 8, 22)

  • Pray to the Lord, so that the thundering of God and the hail may cease, so that I may release you, and so that you may by no means remain here any longer.” (Exodus 9, 28)

  • Moses said: “When I have departed from the city, I will extend my hands to the Lord, and the thunders will cease, and the hail will not be, so that you may know that the earth belongs to the Lord. (Exodus 9, 29)

  • For six days, you shall work. On the seventh day, you shall cease, so that your ox and your donkey may rest, and so that the newcomer and the son of your handmaid may be refreshed. (Exodus 23, 12)

  • For six days you shall work. On the seventh day you shall cease to cultivate and to harvest. (Exodus 34, 21)

  • The woman who undergoes a flow of blood many days beyond her time of menstruation, or whose blood does not cease to flow after the menstrual blood, as long as she is subject to this affliction, she shall be unclean, just as if she were in her time of menstruation. (Leviticus 15, 25)

  • And when they will have completed the fiftieth year of age, they shall cease to serve. (Numbers 8, 25)

  • And the Lord descended in a cloud, and he spoke to him, taking from the Spirit which was in Moses, and giving to the seventy men. And when the Spirit had rested in them, they prophesied; nor did they cease afterwards. (Numbers 11, 25)

  • And Moses and Aaron, dismissing the multitude, entered the tabernacle of the covenant, and they fell prone on the ground, and they cried out to the Lord, and they said: “O Lord God, listen to the outcry of this people, and open for them, from your storehouse, a fountain of living water, so that, being satisfied, their murmuring may cease.” And the glory of the Lord appeared over them. (Numbers 20, 6)

  • I said: Where are they? I will cause their memory to cease from among men. (Deuteronomy 32, 26)

  • Therefore, you shall be under a curse, and your stock shall not cease to be cutters of wood and carriers of water, into the house of my God.” (Joshua 9, 23)

  • And the old man went out to them, and he said: “Do not choose, brothers, do not choose to do this evil. For this man has entered to my hospitality. And you must cease from this senselessness. (Judges 19, 23)

“Quando ofendemos a justiça de Deus, apelamos à Sua misericórdia. Mas se ofendemos a Sua misericórdia, a quem podemos apelar? Ofender o Pai que nos ama e insultar quem nos auxilia é um pecado pelo qual seremos severamente julgados.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina