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  • But the all-seeing Lord, the God of Israel, struck him with an incurable and unseen complaint. The words were hardly out of his mouth when he was seized with an incurable pain in his bowels and with excruciating internal torture; (2 Maccabees 9, 5)

  • Vigorously pressing home their attack, they seized possession of these vantage points, beating off all who fought on the ramparts; they slaughtered all who fell into their hands, accounting for no fewer than twenty thousand. (2 Maccabees 10, 17)

  • Judas' cohort came into sight first. The enemy, seized with fright and panic-stricken by the manifestation of the All-seeing, began to flee, one running this way, one running that, often wounding one another in consequence and running on the points of one another's swords. (2 Maccabees 12, 22)

  • And, seeing him, they will be seized with terrible fear, amazed that he should have been so unexpectedly saved. (Wisdom of Solomon 5, 2)

  • For a double sorrow seized on them, and a groaning at the memory of the past; (Wisdom of Solomon 11, 12)

  • This man will be punished in view of the whole town, and will be seized when he least expects it. (Ecclesiasticus 23, 21)

  • For this was how Yahweh spoke to me when his hand seized hold of me and he taught me not to follow the path of this people, saying, (Isaiah 8, 11)

  • they are panic-stricken, seized with pains and convulsions; they writhe like a woman in labour, they look at one another appalled, with feverish faces. (Isaiah 13, 8)

  • This is why my loins are racked with pain, why I am seized with pangs like the pangs of a woman in labour; I am too distressed to hear, too afraid to look. (Isaiah 21, 3)

  • When Jeremiah had finished saying everything that Yahweh had ordered him to say to all the people, the priests and prophets and all the people seized hold of him and said, 'You will die for this! (Jeremiah 26, 8)

  • And, for me, Jerusalem will become a name of joy and praise and pride for all the nations on earth to see; when they hear of all the prosperity that I shall give, they will be seized with fear and trembling at all the prosperity and the peace that I provide for it." (Jeremiah 33, 9)

  • I for my part, as the man answerable to the Chaldaeans when they come to us, shall stay here at Mizpah, whereas you can harvest the wine, summer fruit and oil, fill your storage jars and settle in the towns which you have seized.' (Jeremiah 40, 10)

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