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  • He gave the place the names Massah and Meribah because of the Israelites' contentiousness and because they put Yahweh to the test by saying, 'Is Yahweh with us, or not?' (Exodus 17, 7)

  • If, however, he has not planned to do it but it comes from God by his hand, he can take refuge in a place which I shall appoint for you. (Exodus 21, 13)

  • 'Look, I am sending an angel to precede you, to guard you as you go and bring you to the place that I have prepared. (Exodus 23, 20)

  • You will overlay the frames with gold, make gold rings for them, through which to place the crossbars, and overlay the crossbars with gold. (Exodus 26, 29)

  • You will put the curtain below the clasps, so that inside behind the curtain, you can place the ark of the Testimony, and the curtain will mark the division for you between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. (Exodus 26, 33)

  • You will place the table outside the curtain, and the lamp-stand on the south side of the Dwelling, opposite the table; you will put the table on the north side. (Exodus 26, 35)

  • You will put it on a violet-purple cord; it will go on the turban; the front of the turban is the place where it must go. (Exodus 28, 37)

  • Then you will place the turban on his head, and on it put the symbol of holy consecration. (Exodus 29, 6)

  • 'You will take the ram of investiture and cook its meat in a holy place. (Exodus 29, 31)

  • 'There I shall meet the Israelites in the place consecrated by my glory. (Exodus 29, 43)

  • So now go and lead the people to the place I promised to you. My angel will indeed go at your head but, on the day of punishment, I shall punish them for their sin.' (Exodus 32, 34)

  • Then Yahweh said, 'Here is a place near me. You will stand on the rock, (Exodus 33, 21)

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