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  • What your eyes have witnessed do not produce too quickly at the trial, for what are you to do at the end should your neighbour confute you? (Proverbs 25, 8)

  • Have the quarrel out with your neighbour. but do not disclose another's secret, (Proverbs 25, 9)

  • Do not set foot too often in your neighbour's house, for fear the neighbour tire of you and come to hate you. (Proverbs 25, 17)

  • Do not give up your friend or your father's friend; when trouble comes, do not go off to your brother's house, better a near neighbour than a distant brother. (Proverbs 27, 10)

  • Whoever at dawn loudly blesses his neighbour -- it will be reckoned to him as a curse. (Proverbs 27, 14)

  • If you understand the matter, give your neighbour an answer, if not, keep your hand over your mouth. (Ecclesiasticus 5, 12)

  • Do not resent your neighbour's every offence, and never act in a fit of passion. (Ecclesiasticus 10, 6)

  • He said to them, 'Beware of all wrong-doing'; he gave each a commandment concerning his neighbour. (Ecclesiasticus 17, 14)

  • Question your neighbour, he may have said nothing at all; and if he has said anything, he will not say it again. (Ecclesiasticus 19, 14)

  • Question your neighbour before you threaten him, and defer to the Law of the Most High. (Ecclesiasticus 19, 17)

  • Win your neighbour's confidence when he is poor, so that you may enjoy his later good fortune with him; stand by him in times of trouble, in order to have your share when he comes into a legacy. (Ecclesiasticus 22, 23)

  • for, as one destroys a person by killing him, so you have killed your neighbour's friendship, (Ecclesiasticus 27, 18)

“Diga ao Senhor: Faça em mim segundo a Tua vontade, mas antes de mandar-me o sofrimento, dê-me forças para que eu possa sofrer com amor.”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina