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  • the ten stands and the ten basins on the stands; (1 Kings 7, 43)

  • the lamp-stands, five on the right and five on the left in front of the Debir, of pure gold; the floral work, the lamps, the tongs, of gold; (1 Kings 7, 49)

  • I shall give one tribe to his son, so that my servant David may always have a lamp in my presence in Jerusalem, the city which I have chosen as a dwelling-place for my name. (1 Kings 11, 36)

  • However, for David's sake, Yahweh his God gave him a lamp in Jerusalem, with a son to succeed him, so keeping Jerusalem secure; (1 Kings 15, 4)

  • Let us build him a small walled room, and put him a bed in it, and a table and chair and lamp; whenever he comes to us he can rest there.' (2 Kings 4, 10)

  • But Yahweh was unwilling to destroy Judah, because of his servant David, and was faithful to the promise which he had made him to leave him a lamp for ever in his presence. (2 Kings 8, 19)

  • King Ahaz broke up the wheeled stands; removed the crosspieces and the basins from them, and took the bronze Sea off the oxen supporting it, and rested it on the stone pavement. (2 Kings 16, 17)

  • The Chaldaeans broke up the bronze pillars from the Temple of Yahweh, the wheeled stands and the bronze Sea, which were in the Temple of Yahweh, and took the bronze away to Babylon. (2 Kings 25, 13)

  • As regards the two pillars, the one Sea and the wheeled stands, which Solomon of bronze in all these objects. (2 Kings 25, 16)

  • Longingly, David said, 'If only someone would fetch me a drink of water from the well that stands by the gate at Bethlehem!' (1 Chronicles 11, 17)

  • At this the three champions, forcing their way through the Philistine camp, drew water from the well that stands by the gate of Bethlehem and, bringing it away, presented it to David. David, however, would not drink any of it, but poured it out as a libation to Yahweh. (1 Chronicles 11, 18)

  • for the gold bullion for the golden lamp-stands and for their lamps, and for the silver bullion for the silver lamp-stands and their lights, depending on the function of each lamp-stand; (1 Chronicles 28, 15)

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