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  • So Joseph made a law, still in force today, as regards the soil of Egypt, that one-fifth should go to Pharaoh. Only the land of the priests did not go to Pharaoh. (Genesis 47, 26)

  • Yahweh then said to Moses, 'Now you will see what I am going to do to Pharaoh. A mighty hand will force him to let them go, a mighty hand will force him to expel them from his country.' (Exodus 6, 1)

  • so keep my rules and do not observe any of the hateful laws which were in force before you came; then you will not be made unclean by them. I am Yahweh your God." ' (Leviticus 18, 30)

  • To which, Edom replied, 'You will not pass through my country; if you do, I shall oppose you by force of arms.' (Numbers 20, 18)

  • Edom replied: 'You shall not pass,' and Edom opposed them in great numbers and great force. (Numbers 20, 20)

  • Israel defeated him by force of arms and conquered his country from the Arnon to the Jabbok, as far as the Ammonites, for Jazer marked the Ammonite frontier. (Numbers 21, 24)

  • But if the man ran into the betrothed girl in the open country and slept with her, having taken her by force, her ravisher alone must die; (Deuteronomy 22, 25)

  • Then, if the person replied, 'Let the fat be burnt first, and then take for yourself whatever you choose,' he would retort, 'No! You must give it to me now or I shall take it by force.' (1 Samuel 2, 16)

  • The Philistines mustered to make war on Israel, three thousand chariots, six thousand horse and a force as numerous as the sand on the seashore. They came up and pitched camp at Michmash, to the east of Beth-Aven. (1 Samuel 13, 5)

  • Samuel then got up and left Gilgal to continue his journey. Those people remaining followed Saul as he went to join the warriors, and went from Gilgal to Geba of Benjamin. Saul reviewed the force that was with him; there were about six hundred men. (1 Samuel 13, 15)

  • Saul, his son Jonathan, and the force that was with them took up their quarters in Geba of Benjamin while the Philistines camped at Michmash. (1 Samuel 13, 16)

  • Saul was on the outskirts of Geba, sitting under the pomegranate tree that stands near the threshing-floor; the force with him numbered about six hundred men. (1 Samuel 14, 2)

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