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  • But the Jews worked on some of the devout women of the upper classes and the leading men of the city; they stirred up a persecution against Paul and Barnabas and expelled them from their territory. (Acts 13, 50)

  • After a few days in this city we went outside the gates beside a river as it was the Sabbath and this was a customary place for prayer. We sat down and preached to the women who had come to the meeting. (Acts 16, 13)

  • One of these women was called Lydia, a woman from the town of Thyatira who was in the purple-dye trade, and who revered God. She listened to us, and the Lord opened her heart to accept what Paul was saying. (Acts 16, 14)

  • Some of them were convinced and joined Paul and Silas, and so did a great many godfearing people and Greeks, as well as a number of the leading women. (Acts 17, 4)

  • Many of them became believers, and so did many Greek women of high standing and a number of the men. (Acts 17, 12)

  • but when our time was up we set off. Together with the women and children they all escorted us on our way till we were out of the town. When we reached the beach, we knelt down and prayed; (Acts 21, 5)

  • I even persecuted this Way to the death and sent women as well as men to prison in chains (Acts 22, 4)

  • why their women have exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural practices; and the men, in a similar fashion, too, giving up normal relations with women, are consumed with passion for each other, men doing shameful things with men and receiving in themselves due reward for their perversion. (Romans 1, 27)

  • women are to remain quiet in the assemblies, since they have no permission to speak: theirs is a subordinate part, as the Law itself says. (1 Corinthians 14, 34)

  • There is an allegory here: these women stand for the two covenants. The one given on Mount Sinai -- that is Hagar, whose children are born into slavery; (Galatians 4, 24)

  • and I ask you, Syzygus, really to be a 'partner' and help them. These women have struggled hard for the gospel with me, along with Clement and all my other fellow-workers, whose names are written in the book of life. (Philippians 4, 3)

  • Similarly, women are to wear suitable clothes and to be dressed quietly and modestly, without braided hair or gold and jewellery or expensive clothes; (1 Timothy 2, 9)

“Que Nossa Senhora nos obtenha o amor à cruz, aos sofrimentos e às dores.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina