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  • Is it right for you to attack me, in contempt for what you yourself have made, thus abetting the schemes of the wicked? (Job 10, 3)

  • But as for the wicked, their eyes are weary, there is no refuge for them; their only hope is to breathe their last. (Job 11, 20)

  • And this is what will save me, for the wicked would not dare to appear before him. (Job 13, 16)

  • The life of the wicked is unceasing torment, the years allotted to the tyrant are numbered. (Job 15, 20)

  • Yes, God has handed me over to the godless, and cast me into the hands of the wicked. (Job 16, 11)

  • The light of the wicked must certainly be put out, the lamp that gives him light cease to shine. (Job 18, 5)

  • You yourselves had best beware the sword, since the wrath bursts into flame at wicked deeds and then you will learn that there is indeed a judgement! (Job 19, 29)

  • the triumph of the wicked has always been brief, and the sinner's gladness has never lasted long? (Job 20, 5)

  • Such is the fate God reserves for the wicked, the inheritance he assigns to the accursed! (Job 20, 29)

  • Why do the wicked still live on, their power increasing with their age? (Job 21, 7)

  • Do we often see the light of the wicked put out, or disaster overtake him, or the retribution of God destroy his possessions, (Job 21, 17)

  • So God is storing up punishment for his children? But the wicked himself should be punished, and should know it! (Job 21, 19)

“Você deve ter sempre prudência e amor. A prudência tem olhos; o amor tem pernas. O amor, como tem pernas, gostaria de correr a Deus. Mas seu impulso de deslanchar na direção dEle é cego e, algumas vezes, pode tropeçar se não for guiado pela prudência, que tem olhos.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina