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  • So as we go in, let us be sincere in heart and filled with faith, our hearts sprinkled and free from any trace of bad conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. (Hebrews 10, 22)

  • does any water supply give a flow of fresh water and salt water out of the same pipe? (James 3, 11)

  • Can a fig tree yield olives, my brothers, or a vine yield figs? No more can sea water yield fresh water. (James 3, 12)

  • They refused to believe long ago, while God patiently waited to receive them, in Noah's time when the ark was being built. In it only a few, that is eight souls, were saved through water. (1 Peter 3, 20)

  • It is the baptism corresponding to this water which saves you now -- not the washing off of physical dirt but the pledge of a good conscience given to God through the resurrection of Jesus Christ, (1 Peter 3, 21)

  • They deliberately ignore the fact that long ago there were the heavens and the earth, formed out of water and through water by the Word of God, (2 Peter 3, 5)

  • He it is who came by water and blood, Jesus Christ, not with water alone but with water and blood, and it is the Spirit that bears witness, for the Spirit is Truth. (1 John 5, 6)

  • the Spirit, water and blood; and the three of them coincide. (1 John 5, 8)

  • because the Lamb who is at the heart of the throne will be their shepherd and will guide them to springs of living water; and God will wipe away all tears from their eyes.' (Revelation 7, 17)

  • The third angel blew his trumpet, and a huge star fell from the sky, burning like a ball of fire, and it fell on a third of all rivers and on the springs of water; (Revelation 8, 10)

  • this was the star called Wormwood, and a third of all water turned to wormwood, so that many people died; the water had become so bitter. (Revelation 8, 11)

  • They have the power to lock up the sky so that it does not rain as long as they are prophesying; they have the power to turn water into blood and strike the whole world with any plague as often as they like. (Revelation 11, 6)

“Mantenha-se sempre muito unido à Igreja Católica, pois somente ela pode lhe dar a verdadeira paz, porque somente ela possui Jesus Sacramentado que é o verdadeiro príncipe da paz.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina