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  • The spirit of Yahweh speaks through me, his word is on my tongue; (2 Samuel 23, 2)

  • be on every tongue, his praises be sung in Jerusalem. (Tobit 13, 8)

  • Give me a beguiling tongue to wound and kill those who have formed such cruel designs against your covenant, against your holy dwelling-place, against Mount Zion, against the house belonging to your sons. (Judith 9, 13)

  • You will be safe from the lash of the tongue, unafraid at the approach of the despoiler. (Job 5, 21)

  • when you vent your anger on God and speeches come tripping off your tongue! (Job 15, 13)

  • Evil was sweet to his mouth, he would shelter it under his tongue; (Job 20, 12)

  • He used to suck vipers' venom, and the tongue of the adder kills him. (Job 20, 16)

  • my lips will never speak evil nor my tongue utter any lie. (Job 27, 4)

  • I, who would not allow my tongue to sin or to lay his life under a curse. (Job 31, 30)

  • Now as I open my mouth, and my tongue shapes words against my palate, (Job 33, 2)

  • Leviathan, too! Can you catch him with a fish-hook or hold his tongue down with a rope? (Job 40, 25)

  • he wishes it on others. His speech is full of lies and browbeating, under his tongue lurk spite and wickedness. (Psalms 10, 7)

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