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  • He lined the inside of the Temple walls with panels of cedar wood-panelling them on the inside from the floor of the Temple to the beams of the ceiling -- and laid the floor of the Temple with juniper planks. (1 Kings 6, 15)

  • The twenty cubits measured from the end of the Temple he built of cedar planks from the floor to the beams, and this part was reserved as the Debir, the Holy of Holies. (1 Kings 6, 16)

  • The Temple measured forty cubits -- the Hekal -- in front of the Debir. (1 Kings 6, 17)

  • There was cedar wood round the inside of the Temple, ornamentally carved with gourds and rosettes; all was cedar wood, with no stone showing. (1 Kings 6, 18)

  • In the inner part of the Temple he designed a Debir, to contain the ark of the covenant of Yahweh. (1 Kings 6, 19)

  • He overlaid the whole Temple with gold, the whole Temple entirely. (1 Kings 6, 22)

  • All round the Temple walls he carved figures of winged creatures, palm trees and rosettes, both inside and outside. (1 Kings 6, 29)

  • He overlaid the floor of the Temple with gold, both inside and outside. (1 Kings 6, 30)

  • In the fourth year, in the month of Ziv, the foundations of the Temple were laid; (1 Kings 6, 37)

  • in the eleventh year, in the month of Bul -- that is, the eighth month -- the Temple was completed exactly as it had been planned and designed. Solomon took seven years to build it. (1 Kings 6, 38)

  • and, on the outside, the great court had three courses of dressed stone round it and one course of cedar beams; so also had the inner court of the Temple of Yahweh and the vestibule of the Temple. (1 Kings 7, 12)

  • He erected the pillars in front of the portico of the Temple, he erected the right-hand pillar and named it Jachin; he erected the left-hand pillar and named it Boaz. (1 Kings 7, 21)

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