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  • I shall bless her and moreover give you a son by her. I shall bless her and she will become nations: kings of peoples will issue from her.' (Genesis 17, 16)

  • and Yahweh said to her: There are two nations in your womb, your issue will be two rival peoples. One nation will have the mastery of the other, and the elder will serve the younger. (Genesis 25, 23)

  • Let peoples serve you and nations bow low before you! Be master of your brothers; let your mother's other sons bow low before you! Accursed be whoever curses you and blessed be whoever blesses you! (Genesis 27, 29)

  • saying to me, "I shall make you fruitful and numerous, and shall make you into an assembly of peoples and give this country to your descendants after you, to own in perpetuity." (Genesis 48, 4)

  • The sceptre shall not pass from Judah, nor the ruler's staff from between his feet, until tribute be brought him and the peoples render him obedience. (Genesis 49, 10)

  • Hearing of this, the peoples tremble; pangs seize on the people of Philistia; (Exodus 15, 14)

  • So now, if you are really prepared to obey me and keep my covenant, you, out of all peoples, shall be my personal possession, for the whole world is mine. (Exodus 19, 5)

  • 'I shall send terror of myself ahead of you; I shall throw all the peoples you encounter into confusion, and make all your enemies take to their heels. (Exodus 23, 27)

  • for how can it be known that I and my people enjoy your favour, if not by your coming with us? By this we shall be marked out, I and your people, from all the peoples on the face of the earth.' (Exodus 33, 16)

  • As I have already told you, you will take possession of their soil, I myself shall give you possession of it, a country flowing with milk and honey. "Since I, Yahweh your God, have set you apart from these peoples, (Leviticus 20, 24)

  • "Be consecrated to me, for I, Yahweh, am holy, and I shall set you apart from all these peoples, for you to be mine. (Leviticus 20, 26)

  • A hero arises from their stock, he reigns over countless peoples. His king is greater than Agag, and his kingship held in honour. (Numbers 24, 7)

“Meu Deus, perdoa-me. Nunca Te ofereci nada na minha vida e, agora, por este pouco que estou sofrendo, em comparação a tudo o que Tu sofreste na Cruz, eu reclamo injustamente!” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina