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  • For your part, you will join your ancestors in peace; you will be buried at a happy old age. (Genesis 15, 15)

  • that you will not do us any harm, since we never molested you but were unfailingly kind to you and let you go away in peace. Henceforth, Yahweh's blessing on you!' (Genesis 26, 29)

  • Moses went back to his father-in-law Jethro and said to him, 'Give me leave to return to my kinsmen in Egypt and see if they are still alive.' And Jethro said to Moses, 'Go in peace.' (Exodus 4, 18)

  • "I shall give peace in the land, and you will go to sleep with no one to frighten you. I shall rid the land of beasts of prey. The sword will not pass through your land. (Leviticus 26, 6)

  • bringing his offering to Yahweh: an unblemished male yearling lamb as a burnt offering, an unblemished yearling ewe lamb as a sacrifice for sin, an unblemished ram as a peace offering, (Numbers 6, 14)

  • May Yahweh show you his face and bring you peace." (Numbers 6, 26)

  • For this reason I say: To him I grant my covenant of peace. (Numbers 25, 12)

  • "This is what you are to do for Yahweh at your solemn feasts, over and above your votive offerings and your voluntary offerings, your burnt offerings, cereal offerings and libations, and your peace offerings." ' (Numbers 29, 39)

  • You are about to cross the Jordan and live in the country given you by Yahweh your God as your heritage; he will grant you peace from all the enemies surrounding you, and you will live in safety. (Deuteronomy 12, 10)

  • 'When you advance on a town to attack it, first offer it peace-terms. (Deuteronomy 20, 10)

  • But if it refuses peace and gives battle, you must besiege it. (Deuteronomy 20, 12)

  • When Yahweh your God has granted you peace from all the enemies surrounding you, in the country given you by Yahweh your God to own as your heritage, you must blot out the memory of Amalek under heaven. Do not forget.' (Deuteronomy 25, 19)

“Você deve ter sempre prudência e amor. A prudência tem olhos; o amor tem pernas. O amor, como tem pernas, gostaria de correr a Deus. Mas seu impulso de deslanchar na direção dEle é cego e, algumas vezes, pode tropeçar se não for guiado pela prudência, que tem olhos.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina