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  • If I prove myself upright, his mouth may condemn me, even if I am innocent, he may pronounce me perverse. (Job 9, 20)

  • Your own mouth condemns you, and not I; your own lips bear witness against you. (Job 15, 6)

  • Evil was sweet to his mouth, he would shelter it under his tongue; (Job 20, 12)

  • Give your attention to me; you will be dumbfounded and will place your hand over your mouth. (Job 21, 5)

  • I have not neglected the commandment of his lips, in my heart I have cherished the words of his mouth. (Job 23, 12)

  • Now as I open my mouth, and my tongue shapes words against my palate, (Job 33, 2)

  • Listen, oh listen, to the blast of his voice and the sound that issues from his mouth. (Job 37, 2)

  • My words have been frivolous: what can I reply? I had better lay my hand over my mouth. (Job 40, 4)

  • If the river overflows, he does not worry: Jordan might come up to his mouth, but he would not care. (Job 40, 23)

  • Who dare open the gates of his mouth? Terror reigns round his teeth! (Job 41, 6)

  • From his mouth come fiery torches, sparks of fire fly out of it. (Job 41, 11)

  • His breath could kindle coals, flame issues from his mouth. (Job 41, 13)

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