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  • (For Yahweh is our judge, Yahweh our lawgiver, Yahweh is our king and our Saviour.) (Isaiah 33, 22)

  • Remind me, and we will judge this together; state your own case and justify yourself. (Isaiah 43, 26)

  • My justice is suddenly approaching, my salvation appears, my arm is about to judge the peoples. The coasts and islands will put their hope in me and put their trust in my arm. (Isaiah 51, 5)

  • This is the end for you; I shall unleash my anger on you, and judge you as your conduct deserves and call you to account for all your loathsome practices. (Ezekiel 7, 3)

  • Now I shall soon vent my fury on you and sate my anger on you: I shall judge you as your conduct deserves and repay you for all your loathsome practices. (Ezekiel 7, 8)

  • The king will go into mourning, the prince be plunged in grief, the hands of the country people tremble. I shall treat them as their conduct deserves, and judge them as their own verdicts merit. Then they will know that I am Yahweh!" ' (Ezekiel 7, 27)

  • So in future, House of Israel, I shall judge each of you by what that person does -- declares the Lord Yahweh. Repent, renounce all your crimes, avoid all occasions for guilt. (Ezekiel 18, 30)

  • 'Are you ready to judge them? Are you ready to judge them, son of man? Confront them with the loathsome practices of their ancestors. (Ezekiel 20, 4)

  • I shall lead you into the desert of the nations and there I shall judge you face to face. (Ezekiel 20, 35)

  • As I judged your ancestors in the desert of Egypt, so will I judge you -- declares the Lord Yahweh. (Ezekiel 20, 36)

  • Put it back in the scabbard. The place where you were created, the land of your origin, will be where I judge you. (Ezekiel 21, 35)

  • 'Son of man, are you ready to judge? Are you ready to judge the blood-stained city? Confront her with all her loathsome practices! (Ezekiel 22, 2)

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