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  • The heritage of the sons of Simeon was taken out of the portion of the sons of Judah, because the share of the sons of Judah was too large for them; hence, the sons of Simeon received their heritage within the heritage of the sons of Judah. (Joshua 19, 9)

  • For this purpose they designated Kedesh in Galilee, in the highlands of Naphtali, Shechem in the highlands of Ephraim, and Kiriath-Arba -- now Hebron -- in the highlands of Judah. (Joshua 20, 7)

  • Lots were cast for the clans of the Kohathites: to those Levites who were sons of Aaron the priest, fell thirteen towns from the tribes of Judah, Simeon and Benjamin; (Joshua 21, 4)

  • From the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Simeon, they gave the towns named below. (Joshua 21, 9)

  • They gave them Kiriath-Arba, Anak's father's town -- now Hebron -- in the highlands of Judah, with its surrounding pasture lands. (Joshua 21, 11)

  • And Yahweh replied, 'Judah is to march on them first; I am delivering the country into his hands.' (Judges 1, 2)

  • Judah then said to his brother Simeon, 'March with me into the territory allotted to me; we shall make war on the Canaanites, and then I in my turn shall march into your territory with you.' And Simeon marched with him. (Judges 1, 3)

  • So Judah marched on them, and Yahweh delivered the Canaanites and Perizzites into their hands, and they defeated them at Bezek-ten thousand of them! (Judges 1, 4)

  • (The sons of Judah attacked Jerusalem and took it: they put its people to the sword and set fire to the city.) (Judges 1, 8)

  • After this the sons of Judah went down to make war on the Canaanites who were living in the highlands, the Negeb and the lowlands. (Judges 1, 9)

  • Judah next marched on the Canaanites living in Hebron -- the name of Hebron in olden days was Kiriath-Arba -- and beat Sheshai, Ahiman and Talmai. (Judges 1, 10)

  • The sons of Hobab the Kenite, father-in-law of Moses, marched up with the sons of Judah from the City of Palm Trees into the desert of Judah lying in the Negeb of Arad, where they went and settled among the people. (Judges 1, 16)

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