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  • With them were Heman and Jeduthun and the rest of those who were chosen and assigned by name to give thanks to Yahweh, 'for his faithful love lasts for ever'. (1 Chronicles 16, 41)

  • David thought, 'I shall show Hanun son of Nahash the same faithful love as his father showed me.' And David sent representatives to offer him condolences over his father. But when David's representatives reached Hanun in the Ammonites' country to present these condolences, (1 Chronicles 19, 2)

  • Solomon replied to God, 'You showed most faithful love to David my father, and you have made me king in succession to him. (2 Chronicles 1, 8)

  • and the harmony between trumpeters and singers was such that only one melody could be heard as they praised and gave thanks to Yahweh -- and the singing began, to the accompaniment of trumpets, cymbals and musical instruments, and they praised Yahweh 'for his faithful love is everlasting'- then the Temple was filled with the cloud of the glory of Yahweh, (2 Chronicles 5, 13)

  • and said, 'Yahweh, God of Israel, there is no god like you in heaven or on earth, you who are loyal to the covenant and show faithful love to your servants as long as they walk wholeheartedly in your way. (2 Chronicles 6, 14)

  • And now Yahweh God, go up to your resting-place, you and your fortress, the Ark! Let your priests, Yahweh God, be robed in salvation, let your faithful rejoice in what is good! (2 Chronicles 6, 41)

  • Yahweh God, do not rebuff your Anointed -- remember the faithful love of your servant David!' (2 Chronicles 6, 42)

  • When all the Israelites saw the fire come down and the glory of Yahweh resting on the Temple, they bowed down on the pavement with their faces to the earth, worshipping and praising Yahweh with 'For he is good, for his faithful love lasts for ever!' (2 Chronicles 7, 3)

  • The priests stood in their places, as did the Levites with Yahweh's musical instruments which King David had provided, to render 'Give thanks to Yahweh, for his faithful love lasts for ever!' whenever David offered praise to their accompaniment. Opposite them, the priests blew trumpets, while all Israel stood. (2 Chronicles 7, 6)

  • Then, having conferred with the people, he appointed singers who were to praise Yahweh and go out ahead of the army in sacred vestments, singing Praise Yahweh, for his faithful love endures for ever! (2 Chronicles 20, 21)

  • The rest of the history of Hezekiah, and his deeds of faithful love, are recorded in the Vision of the prophet Isaiah son of Amoz, in the Book of the Kings of Judah and Israel. (2 Chronicles 32, 32)

  • The rest of the history of Josiah, his deeds of faithful love conforming to what is prescribed in the Law of Yahweh, (2 Chronicles 35, 26)

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