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  • Coming back to Joshua, they said, 'There is no need for the whole people to go up; let some two or three thousand go and attack Ai. Spare the whole people such an effort; there are only a few of them!' (Joshua 7, 3)

  • They die suddenly, at dead of night, they perish -- these great ones -- and disappear: it costs him no effort to remove a tyrant. (Job 34, 20)

  • From the effort of voicing my groans my bones stick out through my skin. (Psalms 102, 5)

  • Rebuilding the city was a co-operative effort: part of the wall over the eastern ravine had fallen down; he restored the quarter called Chaphenatha. (1 Maccabees 12, 37)

  • leaving accuracy of detail to the historian, and concentrating our effort on tracing the outlines in this condensed version. (2 Maccabees 2, 28)

  • I then reflected on all that my hands had achieved and all the effort I had put into its achieving. What futility it all was, what chasing after the wind! There is nothing to be gained under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 2, 11)

  • I see that all effort and all achievement spring from mutual jealousy. This too is futility and chasing after the wind. (Ecclesiastes 4, 4)

  • Spend your life with the woman you love, all the days of futile life God gives you under the sun, throughout your futile days, since this is your lot in life and in the effort you expend under the sun. (Ecclesiastes 9, 9)

  • Then -- ill -- spent effort!-from the same clay he models a futile god, although so recently made out of earth himself and shortly to return to what he was taken from, when asked to give back the soul that has been lent to him. (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 8)

  • I would say to myself, 'I will not think about him, I will not speak in his name any more,' but then there seemed to be a fire burning in my heart, imprisoned in my bones. The effort to restrain it wearied me, I could not do it. (Jeremiah 20, 9)

  • 'For the country is full of adulterers; yes, because of a curse, the country is in mourning and the pasturage in the desert has dried up; they are prompt to do wrong, make no effort to do right. (Jeremiah 23, 10)

  • They threw reason aside, making no effort to turn their eyes to Heaven, and forgetting the demands of virtue. (Daniel 13, 9)

“O passado não conta mais para o Senhor. O que conta é o presente e estar atento e pronto para reparar o que foi feito.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina