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  • One of the centurions of the Italica cohort stationed in Caesarea was called Cornelius. (Acts 10, 1)

  • One day at about the ninth hour he had a vision in which he distinctly saw the angel of God come into his house and call out to him, 'Cornelius!' (Acts 10, 3)

  • When the angel who said this had gone, Cornelius called two of the slaves and a devout soldier of his staff, (Acts 10, 7)

  • Peter was still at a loss over the meaning of the vision he had seen, when the men sent by Cornelius arrived. They had asked where Simon's house was and they were now standing at the door, (Acts 10, 17)

  • They said, 'The centurion Cornelius, who is an upright and God-fearing man, highly regarded by the entire Jewish people, was told by God through a holy angel to send for you and bring you to his house and to listen to what you have to say.' (Acts 10, 22)

  • They reached Caesarea the following day, and Cornelius was waiting for them. He had asked his relations and close friends to be there, (Acts 10, 24)

  • and as Peter reached the house Cornelius went out to meet him, fell at his feet and did him reverence. (Acts 10, 25)

  • Cornelius replied, 'At this time three days ago I was in my house saying the prayers for the ninth hour, when I suddenly saw a man in front of me in shining robes. (Acts 10, 30)

  • He said, "Cornelius, your prayer has been heard and your charitable gifts have not been forgotten by God; (Acts 10, 31)

“Amar significa dar aos outros – especialmente a quem precisa e a quem sofre – o que de melhor temos em nós mesmos e de nós mesmos; e de dá-lo sorridentes e felizes, renunciando ao nosso egoísmo, à nossa alegria, ao nosso prazer e ao nosso orgulho”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina