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  • And he brought back all the substance, and Lot his brother, with his substance, the women also the people. (Genesis 14, 16)

  • Now they were both old, and far advanced in years, and it had ceased to be with Sara after the manner of women. (Genesis 18, 11)

  • And when he had made the camels lie down without the town near a well of water in Evening, at the time when women were wont to come out to draw water, he said: (Genesis 24, 11)

  • And Lia said: This is for my happiness: for women will call me blessed. Therefore she called him Aser. (Genesis 30, 13)

  • She said: Let not my lord be angry that I cannot rise up before thee, because it has now happened to me, according to the custom of women, So his careful search was in vain. (Genesis 31, 35)

  • And lifting up his eyes, he saw the women and their children, and said: What mean these? And do they belong to thee? He answered: They are the children which God hath given to me thy servant. (Genesis 33, 5)

  • And Dina the daughter of Lia went out to see the women of that country. (Genesis 34, 1)

  • Commanding them: When you shall do the office of midwives to the Hebrew women, and the time of delivery is come: if it be a man child, kill it: if a woman, keep it alive. (Exodus 1, 16)

  • They answered: The Hebrew women are not as the Egyptian women: for they themselves are skillful in the office of a midwife; and they are delivered before we come to them. (Exodus 1, 19)

  • So Mary the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand: and all the women went forth after her with timbrels and with dances: (Exodus 15, 20)

  • Both men and women gave bracelets and earrings, rings and tablets: every vessel of gold was set aside to be offered to the Lord. (Exodus 35, 22)

  • The skilful women also gave such things as they had spun, violet, purple, and scarlet, and fine linen, (Exodus 35, 25)

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