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  • Thou shalt not receive the voice of a lie: neither shalt thou join thy hand to bear false witness for a wicked person. (Exodus 23, 1)

  • Take notice of him, and hear his voice, and do not think him one to be contemned: for he will not forgive when thou hast sinned, and my name is in him. (Exodus 23, 21)

  • But if thou wilt hear his voice, and do all that I speak, I will be an enemy to thy enemies, and will afflict them that afflict thee. (Exodus 23, 22)

  • So Moses came and told the people all the words of the Lord, and all the judgments: and all the people answered with one voice: We will do all the words of the Lord, which he hath spoken. (Exodus 24, 3)

  • And when Aaron saw this, he built an altar before it, and made proclamation by a crier's voice, saying: To morrow is the solemnity of the Lord. (Exodus 32, 5)

  • But he answered: It is not the cry of men encouraging to fight, nor the shout of men compelling to flee: but I hear the voice of singers. (Exodus 32, 18)

  • Moses therefore commanded proclamation to be made by the crier's voice: Let neither man nor woman offer any more for the work of the sanctuary. And so they ceased from offering gifts, (Exodus 36, 6)

  • If any one sin, and hear the voice of one swearing, and is a witness either because he himself hath seen, or is privy to it: if he do not utter it, he shall bear his iniquity. (Leviticus 5, 1)

  • And when Moses entered into the tabernacle of the covenant, to consult the oracle, he heard the voice of one speaking to him from the propitiatory, that was over the ark between the two cherubims, and from this place he spoke to him. (Numbers 7, 89)

  • But yet all the men that have seen my majesty, and the signs that I have done in Egypt, and in the wilderness, and have tempted me now ten times, and have not obeyed my voice, (Numbers 14, 22)

  • And when the Lord had heard the voice of your words, he was angry and swore, and said: (Deuteronomy 1, 34)

  • And when you returned and wept before the Lord, he heard you not, neither would he yield to ;your voice. (Deuteronomy 1, 45)

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