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  • And the father said to Joseph: Now shall I die with joy, because I have seen thy face, and leave thee alive. (Genesis 46, 30)

  • Commanding them: When you shall do the office of midwives to the Hebrew women, and the time of delivery is come: if it be a man child, kill it: if a woman, keep it alive. (Exodus 1, 16)

  • Pharao therefore charged all his people, saying: Whatsoever shall be born of the male sex, ye shall cast into the river: whatsoever of the female, ye shall save alive. (Exodus 1, 22)

  • Moses went his way, and returned to Jethro his father in law and said to him: I will go and return to my brethren into Egypt, that I may see if they be yet alive. And Jethro said to him: Go in peace. (Exodus 4, 18)

  • But if the party remain alive a day or two, he shall not be subject to the punishment, because it is his money. (Exodus 21, 21)

  • If that which he stole be found with him, alive, either ox, or ass, or sheep: he shall restore double. (Exodus 22, 4)

  • But the other that is alive he shall dip, with the cedar wood, and the scarlet and the hyssop, in the blood of the sparrow that is immolated: (Leviticus 14, 6)

  • But that whose lot was to be the emissary goat, he shall present alive before the Lord, that he may pour out prayers upon him, and let him go into the wilderness. (Leviticus 16, 10)

  • If any man after marrying the daughter, marry her mother, he hath done a heinous crime: he shall be burnt alive with them: neither shall so great an abomination remain in the midst of you. (Leviticus 20, 14)

  • But if the Lord do a new thing, and the earth opening her mouth swallow them down, and all things that belong to them, and they go down alive into hell, you shall know that they have blasphemed the Lord. (Numbers 16, 30)

  • And they went down alive into hell the ground closing upon them, and they perished from among the people. (Numbers 16, 33)

  • But you that adhere to the Lord your Cad, are all alive until this present day. (Deuteronomy 4, 4)

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