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  • Be it known to the king, that the Jews, who came up from thee to us, are come to Jerusalem a rebellious and wicked city, which they are building, setting up the ramparts thereof and repairing the walls. (Ezra 4, 12)

  • And after all that is come upon us, for our most wicked deeds, and our great sin, seeing that thou our God hast saved us from our iniquity, and hast given us a deliverance as at this day, (Ezra 9, 13)

  • And they have not served thee in their kingdoms, and in thy manifold goodness, which thou gavest them, and in the large and fat land, which thou deliveredst before them, nor did they return from their most wicked devices. (Nehemiah 9, 35)

  • Lay out thy bread, and thy wine upon the burial of a just man, and do not eat and drink thereof with the wicked. (Tobit 4, 18)

  • And Esther said: It is this Aman that is our adversary and most wicked enemy. Aman hearing this was forthwith astonished, not being able to bear the countenance of the king and of the queen. (Esther 7, 6)

  • And not content with these things, she fell down at the king's feet and wept, and speaking to him besought him, that he would give orders that the malice of Aman the Agagite, and his most wicked devices which he had invented against the Jews, should be of no effect. (Esther 8, 3)

  • That these wicked men going down to hell in one day, may restore to our empire the peace which they had disturbed. (Esther 13, 7)

  • And thou knowest that I hate the glory of the wicked, and abhor the bed of the uncircumcised, and of every stranger. (Esther 14, 15)

  • O God, who art mighty above all, hear the voice of them, that have no other hope, and deliver us from the hand of the wicked, and deliver me from my fear. (Esther 14, 19)

  • But we have found that the Jews, who were by that most wicked man appointed to be slain, are in no fault at all, but contrariwise, use just laws, (Esther 16, 15)

  • There the wicked cease from tumult, and there the wearied in strength are at rest. (Job 3, 17)

  • Who catcheth the wise in their craftiness, and disappointeth the counsel of the wicked: (Job 5, 13)

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