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  • If there be fifty just men in the city, shall they perish withal? and wilt thou not spare that place for the sake of the fifty just, if they be therein? (Genesis 18, 24)

  • And when it was- morning, the angels pressed him, saying: Arise, take thy wife, and the two daughters which thou hast: lest thou also perish in the wickedness of the city. (Genesis 19, 15)

  • And Juda said to his father: Send the bou with me, that we may set forward, and may live: lest both we and our children perish. (Genesis 43, 8)

  • And there I will feed thee, (for there are yet five years of famine remaining,) lest both thou perish, and thy house, and all things that thou hast. (Genesis 45, 11)

  • For now I will stretch out my hand to strike thee, and thy people with pestilence, and thou shalt perish from the earth. (Exodus 9, 15)

  • Seven days shall you eat unleavened bread: in the first day there shall be no leaven in your houses: whosoever shall eat any thing leavened, from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall perish out of Israel. (Exodus 12, 15)

  • Seven days there shall not be found any leaven in your houses: he that shall eat leavened bread, his soul shall perish out of the assembly of Israel, whether he be a stranger or born in the land. (Exodus 12, 19)

  • He said unto him: Go down, and charge the people: lest they should have a mind to pass the limits to see the Lord, and a very great multitude of them should perish. (Exodus 19, 21)

  • What man soever shall make the like, to enjoy the smell thereof, he shall perish out of his people. (Exodus 30, 38)

  • Keep you my sabbath: for it is holy unto you: he that shall profane it, shall be put to death: he that shall do my work in it, his soul shall perish out of the midst of his people. (Exodus 31, 14)

  • If any man eat the fat that should be offered for the burnt sacrifice of the Lord, he shall perish out of his people. (Leviticus 7, 25)

  • Every one that eateth blood, shall perish from among the people. (Leviticus 7, 27)

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