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  • And Esau being forty years old, married wives, Judith the daughter of Beeri the Hethite, and Basemath the daughter of Elon of the same place. (Genesis 26, 34)

  • Now it came to pass, when Judith a widow had heard these words, who was the daughter of Merari, the son of Idox, the son of Joseph, the son of Ozias, the son of Elai, the son of Jamnor, the son of Gedeon, the son of Raphaim, the son of Achitob, the son of Melehias, the son of Enan, the son of Nathanias, the son of Salathiel, the son of Simeon, the son of Ruben: (Judith 8, 1)

  • And Judith his relict was a widow now three years and six months. (Judith 8, 4)

  • And Judith said to them: As you know that what I have been able to say is of God: (Judith 8, 30)

  • And when they were gone, Judith went into her oratory: and putting on haircloth, laid ashes on her head: and falling down prostrate before the Lord, she cried to the Lord, saying: (Judith 9, 1)

  • But Judith praying to the Lord, passed through the gates, she and her maid. (Judith 10, 10)

  • And Judith seeing Holofernes sitting under a canopy, which was woven of purple and gold, with emeralds and precious stones: (Judith 10, 19)

  • And Judith said to him: Receive the words of thy handmaid, for if thou wilt follow the words of thy handmaid, the Lord will do with thee a perfect thing. (Judith 11, 4)

  • And Judith answered him and said: Now I cannot eat of these things which thou commandest to be given me, lest sin come upon me: but I will eat of the things which I have brought. (Judith 12, 2)

  • And Judith said: As thy soul liveth, my lord, thy handmaid shall not spend all these things till God do by my hand that which I have purposed. And his servants brought her into the tent which he had commanded. (Judith 12, 4)

  • Then Vagao went in to Judith, and said: Let not my good maid be afraid to go in to my lord, that she may be honoured before his face, that she may eat with him and drink wine and be merry. (Judith 12, 12)

  • And Judith answered him: Who am I, that I should gainsay my lord? (Judith 12, 13)

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