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  • But all the rest of the army went in battle array on the north side, so that the last of that multitude reached to the west side of the city. So Josue went that night, and stood in the midst of the valley. (Joshua 8, 13)

  • But Josue, and all Israel gave back, making as if they were afraid, and fleeing by the way of the wilderness. (Joshua 8, 15)

  • The Lord said to Josue: Lift up the shield that is in thy hand, towards the city of Hai, for I will deliver it to thee. (Joshua 8, 18)

  • And the men of the city, that pursued after Josue, looking back and seeing the smoke of the city rise up to heaven, had no more power to flee this way or that way: especially as they that had counterfeited flight, end were going toward the wilderness, turned back most valiantly against them that pursued. (Joshua 8, 20)

  • So Josue and all Israel seeing that the city was taken, and that the smoke of the city rose up, returned and slew the men of Hai. (Joshua 8, 21)

  • And they took the king of the city of Hai alive, and brought him to Josue. (Joshua 8, 23)

  • But Josue drew not back his hand, which he had stretched out on high, holding the shield, till all the inhabitants of Hai were slain. (Joshua 8, 26)

  • And the children of Israel divided among them the cattle and the prey of the city, as the Lord had commanded Josue. (Joshua 8, 27)

  • And he hung the king thereof on a gibbet until the evening and the going down of the sun. Then Josue commanded, and they took down his carcass from the gibbet: and threw it in the very entrance of the city, heaping upon it a great heap of stones, which remaineth until this present day. (Joshua 8, 29)

  • Then Josue built an altar to the Lord the God of Israel in mount Hebal, (Joshua 8, 30)

  • Gathered themselves together, to fight against Josue and Israel with one mind, and one resolution. (Joshua 9, 2)

  • But they that dwelt in Gabaon, hearing all that Josue had done to Jericho and Hai: (Joshua 9, 3)

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