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  • And they made their life bitter with hard works in clay, and brick, and with all manner of service, wherewith they were overcharged in the works of the earth. (Exodus 1, 14)

  • In the plains of the Jordan did the king cast them in a clay ground, between Socoth and Sartham. (1 Kings 7, 46)

  • In the country near the Jordan did the king cast them, in a clay ground between Sochot and Saredatha. (2 Chronicles 4, 17)

  • And when the king of Egypt oppressed them, and made slaves of them to labour in clay and brick, in the building of his cities, they cried to their Lord, and he struck the whole land of Egypt with divers plagues. (Judith 5, 10)

  • How much more shall they that dwell in houses of clay, who have an earthly foundation, be consumed as with the moth? (Job 4, 19)

  • Remember, I beseech thee, that thou hast made me as the clay, and thou wilt bring me into dust again. (Job 10, 9)

  • Your remembrance shall be compared to ashes, and your necks shall be brought to clay. (Job 13, 12)

  • If he shall heap together silver as earth, and prepare raiment as clay, (Job 27, 16)

  • Behold God hath made me as well as thee, and of the same clay I also was formed. (Job 33, 6)

  • The seal shall be restored as clay, and shall stand as a garment : (Job 38, 14)

  • Neither did I compare unto her any precious stone: for all gold in comparison of her, is as a little sand, and silver in respect to her shall be counted as clay. (Wisdom of Solomon 7, 9)

  • The potter also tempering soft earth, with labour fashioneth every vessel for our service, and of the same clay he maketh both vessels that are for clean uses, and likewise such as serve to the contrary: but what is the use of these vessels, the potter is the judge. (Wisdom of Solomon 15, 7)

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