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  • If it were eaten by a beast, let him bring to him that which was slain, and he shall not make restitution. (Exodus 22, 13)

  • If thou meet thy enemy's ox or ass going astray, bring it back to him. (Exodus 23, 4)

  • Behold I will send my angel, who shall go before thee, and keep thee in thy journey, and bring thee into the place that I have prepared. (Exodus 23, 20)

  • And my angel shall go before thee, and shall bring thee in unto the Amorrhite, and the Hethite, and the Pherezite, and the Chanaanite, and the Hevite, and the Jebusite, whom I will destroy. (Exodus 23, 23)

  • Speak to the children of Israel, that they bring firstfruits to me: of every man that offereth of his own accord, you shall take them. (Exodus 25, 2)

  • Command the children of Israel that they bring thee the purest oil of the olives, and beaten with a pestle: that a lamp may burn always, (Exodus 27, 20)

  • And thou shalt bring Aaron and his sons to the door of the tabernacle of the testimony. And when thou hast washed the father and his sons with water, (Exodus 29, 4)

  • Thou shalt bring his sons also and shalt put on them the linen tunicks, and gird them with a girdle: (Exodus 29, 8)

  • And Aaron said to them: Take the golden earrings from the ears of your wives, and your sons and daughters, and bring them to me. (Exodus 32, 2)

  • And he said to Aaron: What has this people done to thee, that thou shouldst bring upon them a most heinous sin? (Exodus 32, 21)

  • And Moses said: If thou thyself dost not go before, bring us not out of this place. (Exodus 33, 15)

  • And thou shalt bring in the table, and set upon it the things that are commanded according to the rite. The candlestick shall stand with its lamps, (Exodus 40, 4)

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