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  • And all its people from one end of the borders of Egypt, even to the other end thereof, (Genesis 47, 21)

  • Issachar shall be a strong ass lying down between the borders. (Genesis 49, 14)

  • And the children of Israel ate manna forty years, till they came to a habitable land: with this meat were they fed, until they reached the borders of the land of Chanaan. (Exodus 16, 35)

  • And thou shalt appoint certain limits to the people round about, and thou shalt say to them: Take heed you go not up into the mount, and that ye touch not the borders thereof: every one that toucheth the mount dying he shall die. (Exodus 19, 12)

  • Thou shalt make also two rings of gold which thou shalt put in the top parts of the rational, in the borders that are over against the ephod, and look towards the back parts thereof. (Exodus 28, 26)

  • For when I shall have taken away the nations from thy face, and shall have enlarged thy borders, no man shall lie in wait against thy land when thou shalt go up, and appear in the sight of the Lord thy God thrice in a year. (Exodus 34, 24)

  • And two borders coupled one to the other in the top on either side, (Exodus 39, 4)

  • And how we cried to the Lord, and he heard us, and sent an angel, who hath brought us out of Egypt. Lo, we are now in the city of Cades, which is in the uttermost of thy borders, (Numbers 20, 16)

  • And we beseech thee that we may have leave to pass through thy country. We will not go through the fields, nor through the vineyards, we will not drink the waters of thy wells, but we will go by the common highway, neither turning aside to the right hand, nor to the left, till we are past thy borders. (Numbers 20, 17)

  • Neither would he condescend to their desire to grant them passage through his borders. Wherefore Israel turned another way from him. (Numbers 20, 21)

  • And when they had removed the camp from Cades, they came to mount Her, which is in the borders of the land of Edom: (Numbers 20, 22)

  • Which they left and encamped over against Arnon, which is in the desert and standeth out on the borders of the Amorrhite. For Arnon is the border of Moab, dividing the Moabites and the Amorrhites. (Numbers 21, 13)

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