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  • And the elder said to the younger: “Our father is old, and no man remains in the land who can enter to us according to the custom of the whole world. (Genesis 19, 31)

  • And he changed his name and called him, in the Egyptian tongue: ‘Savior of the world.’ And he gave him as a wife, Asenath, the daughter of Potiphera, priest of Heliopolis. And so Joseph went out into the land of Egypt. (Genesis 41, 45)

  • the seven years of destitution, which Joseph had predicted, began to arrive. And the famine prevailed throughout the whole world, but there was bread in all the land of Egypt. (Genesis 41, 54)

  • For in the whole world there was a lack of bread, and a famine had oppressed the land, most of all Egypt and Canaan, (Genesis 47, 13)

  • Also, as I live, the entire world shall be filled with the glory of the Lord. (Numbers 14, 21)

  • Although I have reigned over many nations and subjugated the whole world under my realm, I was by no means willing to abuse the greatness of this power, but to govern my subjects with clemency and leniency, so that they would settle into a quiet life, apart from any terror, and delight in peace, as all mortals would choose to do. (Esther 6, 2)

  • explained to me that there was a people, scattered throughout the whole world, that used strange laws, and, acting against the customs of all peoples, despised the commandments of kings and violated the harmony of all nations with their dissension. (Esther 6, 4)

  • These are the days which no one ever will erase into oblivion, and which every province in the whole world, throughout each generation, shall celebrate. Neither is there any city wherein the days of Purim, that is, of lots, may not be observed by the Jews, and by their posterity, which has been obligated to these ceremonies. (Esther 14, 28)

  • God, whose wrath no one is able to resist, and under whom they bend who carry the world, (Job 9, 13)

  • He will expel him from light into darkness, and he will remove him from the world. (Job 18, 18)

  • For he beholds the limits of the world, and he looks upon all things that are under heaven. (Job 28, 24)

  • What other is established over the earth? Or whom has he placed over the world, which he made? (Job 34, 13)

“O temor e a confiança devem dar as mãos e proceder como irmãos. Se nos damos conta de que temos muito temor devemos recorrer à confiança. Se confiamos excessivamente devemos ter um pouco de temor”. São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina