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  • Because of that, the Lord says this: “Your wife will fornicate in the city, and your sons and your daughters will fall by the sword, and your soil will be measured with a string. And you will die on polluted land, and Israel will be taken into captivity out of their land.” (Amos 7, 17)

  • Her prophets are crazed; men without faith. Her priests have polluted what is holy; they have acted unjustly against the law. (Zephaniah 3, 4)

  • And Haggai said, “If the polluted in soul will have touched any of all these things, shall it be contaminated?” And the priests responded and said, “It shall be contaminated.” (Haggai 2, 14)

  • You offer polluted bread upon my altar, and you say, “In what way, have we polluted you?” In that you say, “The table of the Lord has been despised.” (Malachi 1, 7)

  • And you have polluted it, in that you say, “The table of the Lord has been contaminated; and that which is placed upon it is contemptible, compared with the fire that devours it.” (Malachi 1, 12)

  • But knowledge is not in everyone. For some persons, even now, with consent to an idol, eat what has been sacrificed to an idol. And their conscience, being infirm, becomes polluted. (1 Corinthians 8, 7)

  • All things are clean to those who are clean. But to those who are defiled, and to unbelievers, nothing is clean; for both their mind and their conscience have been polluted. (Titus 1, 15)

“Padre, eu não acredito no inferno – falou um penitente. Padre Pio disse: Acreditará quando for para lá?” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina