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  • Then when Abraham prayed, God healed Abimelech and his wife, and his handmaids, and they gave birth. (Genesis 20, 17)

  • But when there has been an ulcer in the flesh and the skin, and it has healed, (Leviticus 13, 18)

  • But if flesh and skin has been burned by fire, and, having been healed, now has a white or red scar, (Leviticus 13, 24)

  • Furthermore, if the spot has not increased, and the hair is black, let him know that the man is healed: and let him confidently pronounce him clean. (Leviticus 13, 37)

  • If he who suffers from this affliction will have been healed, he shall number seven days after his cleansing, and having washed his clothes and his entire body in living water, he shall be clean. (Leviticus 15, 13)

  • The man of the offspring of Aaron, who is a leper or who is suffering a flow of seed, shall not eat of those things which have been sanctified to me, until he is healed. Whoever will have touched what is unclean because of the dead, and he whose seed goes out from him, as if from sexual intercourse, (Leviticus 22, 4)

  • Therefore, Moses made a bronze serpent, and he placed it as a sign. When those who had been struck gazed upon it, they were healed. (Numbers 21, 9)

  • Then, after they were all circumcised, they remained in the same place of the camp until they were healed. (Joshua 5, 8)

  • he went out to the source of the waters, and he cast the salt into it. And he said: “Thus says the Lord: I have healed these waters, and no longer shall there be death or barrenness in them.” (2 Kings 2, 21)

  • Then the waters were healed, even to this day, in accord with the word of Elisha, which he spoke. (2 Kings 2, 22)

  • And becoming angry, Naaman went away, saying: “I thought that he would have come out to me, and, standing, would have invoked the name of the Lord, his God, and that he would have touched the place of the leprosy with his hand, and so have healed me. (2 Kings 5, 11)

  • And so, Hazael went to meet him, having with him gifts, and all the goods of Damascus, the burdens of forty camels. And when he had stood before him, he said: “Your son, Benhadad, the king of Syria, sent me to you, saying: ‘Will I be able to be healed from this, my infirmity?’ ” (2 Kings 8, 9)

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