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  • Zillah also conceived Tubalcain, who was a hammerer and artisan in every work of brass and iron. In fact, the sister of Tubalcain was Noema. (Genesis 4, 22)

  • Therefore, the girl to whom I will say, ‘Tip your pitcher, so that I may drink,’ and she will respond, ‘Drink. In fact, I will give your camels a drink also,’ the same one is she whom you have prepared for your servant Isaac. And by this, I will understand that you have shown mercy to my lord.” (Genesis 24, 14)

  • And after he drank, she added, “In fact, I will draw water for your camels also, until they all drink.” (Genesis 24, 19)

  • Neither did the young man cause any delay; in fact he immediately fulfilled what was requested. For he loved the girl very much, and he was well-known throughout his father’s house. (Genesis 34, 19)

  • In fact, I preferred to build in the work of the wall, and I bought no land, and all my servants were gathered to do the work. (Nehemiah 5, 16)

  • In fact, there was a precept of the king about them, and an order among the singing men, throughout each day. (Nehemiah 11, 23)

  • In fact, at its corners, each side was extended for the space of twenty feet. And he set its gates according to the height of the towers. (Judith 1, 3)

  • In fact, he took up gold and silver from the house of the king in great abundance. (Judith 2, 10)

  • In fact, I have instead seen those who work iniquity and who sow resentments, reap them, (Job 4, 8)

  • In fact, whomever they wanted to help become ruler, these reigned, but whomever they wanted, they deposed from the kingdom. And they were greatly exalted. (1 Maccabees 8, 13)

  • Yet he left behind rulers to afflict the people. In fact, at Jerusalem, Philip was by birth a Phrygian, but he was in manners more cruel than he who had appointed him. (2 Maccabees 5, 22)

  • In fact, they took away the money from those who came to buy them, and they pursued them everywhere. (2 Maccabees 8, 25)

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