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  • I will look with favor upon you, and I will cause you to increase; you will be multiplied, and I will confirm my covenant with you. (Leviticus 26, 9)

  • And I am not forming this covenant and confirm these oaths with you alone, (Deuteronomy 29, 14)

  • Yet it was the custom between kinsmen in this former time in Israel, that if at anytime one yielded his right to another, so as to confirm his permission, the man took off his shoe and gave it to his neighbor. This was a testimony of concession in Israel. (Ruth 4, 7)

  • So may the Lord confirm his words, which he has spoken about me, saying: ‘If your sons will guard their ways, and if they will walk before me in truth, with all their heart and with all their soul, there shall not be taken away from you a man on the throne of Israel.’ (1 Kings 2, 4)

  • “Concerning this house, which you are building: if you will walk in my precepts, and carry out my judgments, and keep all my commandments, advancing by them, I will confirm my word to you, which I spoke to your father David. (1 Kings 6, 12)

  • Therefore, king Rehoboam was strengthened in Jerusalem, and he reigned. He was forty-one years old when he had begun to reign, and he reigned for seventeen years in Jerusalem, the city that the Lord chose out of all the tribes of Israel, so that he might confirm his name there. Now the name of his mother was Naamah, an Ammonite. (2 Chronicles 12, 13)

  • And he entered, according to custom, in order to confirm the covenant, so that they would seek the Lord, the God of their fathers, with their whole heart and with their whole soul. (2 Chronicles 15, 12)

  • Tobias said, “Here, today, I will not eat or drink, unless you first confirm my petition, and promise to give Sarah your daughter to me.” (Tobit 7, 10)

  • saying: “Confirm me, O Lord God of Israel, and in this hour look kindly upon the works of my hands, so that, just as you promised, you may raise up Jerusalem, your city, and so that, believing through you that this plan is able to be accomplished, I may succeed.” (Judith 13, 7)

  • And when she had unsheathed it, she grabbed him by the hair of his head, and she said, “Confirm me, O Lord God, in this hour.” (Judith 13, 9)

  • May he grant to you according to your heart, and confirm all your counsels. (Psalms 19, 5)

  • Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and confirm me with an unsurpassed spirit. (Psalms 50, 14)

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