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  • Send one of you and bring him. But you will be in chains, until what you have said is proven to be either true or false. Otherwise, by the health of Pharaoh, you are scouts.” (Genesis 42, 16)

  • And they explained, saying: “We went into the land, to which you sent us, which, it is true, flows with milk and honey, as one can know by these fruits. (Numbers 13, 28)

  • You have led us, it is true, to a land that flows with streams of milk and honey, and you have given us possession of fields and vineyards. But will you also tear out our eyes? We will not come.” (Numbers 16, 14)

  • and when this will have been reported to you, and, upon hearing it, if you have inquired diligently and have found it to be true, that the abomination is being done in Israel: (Deuteronomy 17, 4)

  • But if what he has claimed is true and virginity is not found in the girl, (Deuteronomy 22, 20)

  • You shall have a just and a true weight, and your measure shall be equal and true, so that you may live for a long time upon the land, which the Lord your God will give to you. (Deuteronomy 25, 15)

  • Now, therefore, swear to me by the Lord that in the same way that I have acted with mercy toward you, so also shall you act toward the house of my father. And may you give me a true sign (Joshua 2, 12)

  • I was forty years old when Moses, the servant of the Lord, sent me from Kadesh-barnea, so that I might consider the land. And I reported to him what seemed to me to be true. (Joshua 14, 7)

  • Now therefore, O Lord God, you are God, and your words shall be true. For you have spoken to your servant these good things. (2 Samuel 7, 28)

  • And she said to the king: “The word is true, which I have heard in my own land, (1 Kings 10, 6)

  • And the woman said to Elijah: “By this, I now realize that you are a man of God, and that the word of the Lord in your mouth is true.” (1 Kings 17, 24)

  • But the king said to him, “I require you under oath, again and again, that you not say to me anything except what is true, in the name of the Lord.” (1 Kings 22, 16)

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