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  • Therefore, when Tobit considered that his prayer was heard, so that he might be able to die, he called his son Tobias to him. (Tobit 4, 1)

  • Then Tobias responded to his father, and he said: “I will do everything just as you have instructed me, father. (Tobit 5, 1)

  • Then Tobias, departing, found a splendid young man, standing girded and seemingly ready for travel. (Tobit 5, 5)

  • And so he answered, “From the sons of Israel.” And Tobias said to him, “Do you know the way that leads to the region of the Medes?” (Tobit 5, 7)

  • Tobias said to him, “I implore you, wait here for me, until I tell these same things to my father.” (Tobit 5, 9)

  • Then Tobias, entering, revealed all these things to his father. Upon which, his father, in admiration, asked that he would enter to him. (Tobit 5, 10)

  • Then, when all things were ready which were to be carried on their journey, Tobias said farewell to his father, and to his mother, and the two of them walked together. (Tobit 5, 22)

  • And so Tobias continued on, and the dog was following him, and he stayed at the first stopping point, near the river Tigris. (Tobit 6, 1)

  • And Tobias, being frightened of it, cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Sir, it is attacking me!” (Tobit 6, 3)

  • Then Tobias questioned the Angel, and he said to him, “I implore you, brother Azariah, to tell me what remedies these things hold, which you have told me to retain from the fish?” (Tobit 6, 7)

  • And Tobias said to him, “Where do you prefer that we stay?” (Tobit 6, 10)

  • Then Tobias responded, and he said: “I hear that she has been given to seven husbands, and they passed away. But I have even heard this: that a demon killed them. (Tobit 6, 14)

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