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  • And you will say to him: ‘The Lord God of the Hebrews sent me to you, saying: Release my people in order to sacrifice to me in the desert. And even until the present time, you were not willing to listen. (Exodus 7, 16)

  • And Moses said to Pharaoh: “Appoint for me a time, when I should petition on behalf of you, and your servants, and your people, so that the frogs may be driven away from you, and from your house, and from your servants, and from your people, and so that they may remain only in the river.” (Exodus 8, 9)

  • And the Lord appointed a time, saying: “Tomorrow, the Lord will accomplish this word in the land.” (Exodus 9, 5)

  • So then, tomorrow, at this same hour, I will rain down exceedingly great hail, such as has not been in Egypt from the day that it was founded, even until this present time. (Exodus 9, 18)

  • And the hail and intermingled fire drove on together. And it was of such magnitude as had never before been seen in the entire land of Egypt, from the time when that nation was formed. (Exodus 9, 24)

  • And they will fill your houses, and those of your servants and of all the Egyptians: so many as your fathers and ancestors have not seen, from the time that they rose up over the earth, even until this present day.” And he turned himself away, and he departed from Pharaoh. (Exodus 10, 6)

  • And they ascended over the entire land of Egypt. And they settled into all the parts of the Egyptians: innumerable, such as had not been before that time, nor ever would be thereafter. (Exodus 10, 14)

  • But now, release me from my sin even this time, and petition the Lord your God, so that he may take this death away from me.” (Exodus 10, 17)

  • You will keep this observance, at the established time, from day to day. (Exodus 13, 10)

  • and stood between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel. And it was a dark cloud, yet it illuminated the night, so that they could not succeed at approaching one another at any time all that night. (Exodus 14, 20)

  • With whatever clothing he arrived, with the like let him depart. If he has a wife, his wife also shall depart, at the same time. (Exodus 21, 3)

  • You shall keep the solemnity of unleavened bread. For seven days you shall eat unleavened bread, just as I instructed you, at the time of the month of new grain, when you departed from Egypt. You shall not appear empty-handed in my sight, (Exodus 23, 15)

“Façamos o bem, enquanto temos tempo à nossa disposição. Assim, daremos glória ao nosso Pai celeste, santificaremos nós mesmos e daremos bom exemplo aos outros.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina