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  • And you know that I have served your father with all my strength. (Genesis 31, 6)

  • Reuben, my firstborn, you are my strength and the beginning of my sorrow: first in gifts, greater in authority. (Genesis 49, 3)

  • His bow sits in strength, and the bands of his arms and hands have been let loose by the hands of the mighty one of Jacob. From there he went forth as a pastor, the stone of Israel. (Genesis 49, 24)

  • But it was for this reason that I appointed you, so that I may reveal my strength by you, and so that my name may be described throughout all the earth. (Exodus 9, 16)

  • The Lord is my strength and my praise, and he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I shall glorify him. He is the God of my father, and I shall exalt him. (Exodus 15, 2)

  • Your right hand, O Lord, has been magnified in strength. Your right hand, O Lord, has struck down the enemy. (Exodus 15, 6)

  • Who is like you in strength, O Lord? Who is like you: magnificent in sanctity, terrible and yet praiseworthy, accomplishing miracles? (Exodus 15, 11)

  • In your mercy, you have been a leader to the people whom you have redeemed. And in your strength, you have carried them to your holy dwelling place. (Exodus 15, 13)

  • You will be consumed by foolish efforts, both you and this people who are with you. The task is beyond your strength; you will not be able bear it alone. (Exodus 18, 18)

  • Then Moses prayed to the Lord his God, saying: “Why, O Lord, is your fury enraged against your people, whom you led away from the land of Egypt, with great strength and with a mighty hand? (Exodus 32, 11)

  • Therefore, may the strength of the Lord be magnified, just as you swore, saying: (Numbers 14, 17)

  • I was led here to bless, and I have no strength to hinder the blessing. (Numbers 23, 20)

“Lembre-se de que os santos foram sempre criticados pelas pessoas deste mundo, e puseram sob seus pés o mundo e as suas máximas .” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina