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  • So he responded: “I seek my brothers. Tell me where they pasture the flocks.” (Genesis 37, 16)

  • Whichever of your servants will be found to have what you seek, may he die, and we shall be the servants of my lord.” (Genesis 44, 9)

  • Do not seek revenge, neither should you be mindful of the injury of your fellow citizens. You shall love your friend as yourself. I am the Lord. (Leviticus 19, 18)

  • And when Balaam had seen that it was pleasing to the Lord that he should bless Israel, he by no means went out as he had gone before, to seek divination. But directing his face opposite the desert, (Numbers 24, 1)

  • Neither will we seek anything across the Jordan, because we already have our possession on its eastern side.” (Numbers 32, 19)

  • And when you will seek the Lord your God in that place, you shall find him, if only you seek him with all your heart, and in all the tribulation of your soul. (Deuteronomy 4, 29)

  • be careful that you do not imitate them, after they have been overturned at your arrival, and that you do not seek their ceremonies, saying: ‘Just as these nations have worshipped their gods, so also will I worship.’ (Deuteronomy 12, 30)

  • You shall not make peace with them, nor shall you seek their prosperity, throughout all the days of your life forever. (Deuteronomy 23, 6)

  • But afterwards, when she returned to her mother-in-law, Naomi said to her: “My daughter, I will seek rest for you, and I will provide so that it may be well with you. (Ruth 3, 1)

  • Now the donkeys of Kish, the father of Saul, had become lost. And Kish said to his son Saul, “Take with you one of the servants, and rising up, go out and seek the donkeys.” And when they had passed through mount Ephraim, (1 Samuel 9, 3)

  • And the uncle of Saul said to him, and to his servant, “Where did you go?” And they responded: “To seek the donkeys. But when we did not find them, we went to Samuel.” (1 Samuel 10, 14)

  • May our lord order, and your servants, who are before you, will seek a man skillful in playing a stringed instrument, so that when the evil spirit from the Lord assails you, he may play with his hand, and you may bear it more easily.” (1 Samuel 16, 16)

“Quando ofendemos a justiça de Deus, apelamos à Sua misericórdia. Mas se ofendemos a Sua misericórdia, a quem podemos apelar? Ofender o Pai que nos ama e insultar quem nos auxilia é um pecado pelo qual seremos severamente julgados.” São Padre Pio de Pietrelcina