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  • Lo, I will stand in that place before you, on the rock of Horeb. And you shall strike the rock, and water will go forth from it, so that the people may drink.” Moses did so in the sight of the elders of Israel. (Exodus 17, 6)

  • And again, he said: “Behold, there is a place with me, and you shall stand upon the rock. (Exodus 33, 21)

  • And when my glory will cross over, I will set you in a cleft of the rock, and I will protect you with my right hand, until I pass by. (Exodus 33, 22)

  • The rock rabbit which chews over again, and whose hoof is not divided, is unclean, (Leviticus 11, 5)

  • “Take the rod, and gather the people, you and your brother Aaron, and speak to the rock before them, and it shall bestow waters. And when you have brought forth water from the rock, the entire multitude and their cattle shall drink.” (Numbers 20, 8)

  • And having gathered the multitude before the rock, he said to them: “Listen, you who are rebellious and unbelieving. Would we be able to cast out water from this rock?” (Numbers 20, 10)

  • Likewise, he saw the Kainites, and taking up his parable, he said: “Robust, indeed, is your habitation. But though you will set your nest in a rock, (Numbers 24, 21)

  • and who was your leader in the great and terrible wilderness, in which there was the serpent with a burning breath, and the scorpion, and the snake of thirst, and no waters at all. He led streams out of the hardest rock, (Deuteronomy 8, 15)

  • He stood him upon an exalted land, so that he might eat the fruits of the fields, so that he might eat honey from the rock, and oil from the hardest stone, (Deuteronomy 32, 13)

  • Now the border of the Amorite was from the Ascent of the Scorpion, to the Rock and the higher places. (Judges 1, 36)

  • And the Angel of the Lord said to him, “Take the flesh and the unleavened bread, and place them on that rock, and pour out the broth upon it.” And when he had done so, (Judges 6, 20)

  • the Angel of the Lord extended the end of a staff, which he was holding in his hand, and he touched the flesh and the unleavened loaves. And a fire ascended from the rock, and it consumed the flesh and the unleavened loaves. Then the Angel of the Lord vanished from his sight. (Judges 6, 21)

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