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  • In that time, there was a certain man, from mount Ephraim, named Micah. (Judges 17, 1)

  • And when he restored these to his mother, she took two hundred of the silver coins, and she gave them to the silversmith, so that he might make from them a molten idol and a graven image. And it was in the house of Micah. (Judges 17, 4)

  • Then, departing from the city of Bethlehem, he wished to sojourn wherever he would find it beneficial to himself. And when he had arrived at mount Ephraim, while making the journey, he also turned aside for a little while to the house of Micah. (Judges 17, 8)

  • And Micah said: “Stay with me. And you shall be to me like a parent and a priest. And I will give to you, each year, ten silver coins, and a double-layered garment, and whatever provisions are necessary.” (Judges 17, 10)

  • And Micah filled his hand, and he had the young man with him as his priest, (Judges 17, 12)

  • Therefore, the sons of Dan sent five very strong men, of their stock and family, from Zorah and Eshtaol, so that they might explore the land and diligently inspect it. And they said to them, “Go, and consider the land.” And after traveling, they arrived at mount Ephraim, and they entered into the house of Micah. There they rested. (Judges 18, 2)

  • And he answered them, “Micah has offered me one thing and another, and he has paid me wages, so that I may be his priest.” (Judges 18, 4)

  • From there, they crossed over to mount Ephraim. And when they had arrived at the house of Micah, (Judges 18, 13)

  • And when they had turned aside a little, they entered the house of the Levite youth, who was in the house of Micah. And they greeted him with peaceful words. (Judges 18, 15)

  • And when they were far from the house of Micah, the men who were living in the houses of Micah, crying out together, followed them. (Judges 18, 22)

  • And they began to shout behind their backs. And when they had looked back, they said to Micah: “What do you want? Why are you crying out?” (Judges 18, 23)

  • And so, they continued on the journey that they had begun. But Micah, seeing that they were stronger than he was, returned to his house. (Judges 18, 26)

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