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  • especially since you know everything that pertains to the Jews, both customs and questions. Because of this, I beg you to listen to me patiently. (Acts 26, 3)

  • And certainly, all the Jews know about my life from my youth, which had its beginning among my own people in Jerusalem. (Acts 26, 4)

  • It is the Promise that our twelve tribes, worshiping night and day, hope to see. About this hope, O king, I am accused by the Jews. (Acts 26, 7)

  • It was for this reason that the Jews, having apprehended me when I was in the temple, attempted to kill me. (Acts 26, 21)

  • And after the third day, he called together the leaders of the Jews. And when they had convened, he said to them: “Noble brothers, I have done nothing against the people, nor against the customs of the fathers, yet I was delivered as a prisoner from Jerusalem into the hands of the Romans. (Acts 28, 17)

  • But with the Jews speaking against me, I was constrained to appeal to Caesar, though it was not as if I had any kind of accusation against my own nation. (Acts 28, 19)

  • And when he had said these things, the Jews went away from him, though they still had many questions among themselves. (Acts 28, 29)

  • What is next? Should we try to excel ahead of them? By no means! For we have accused all Jews and Greeks to be under sin, (Romans 3, 9)

  • Is God of the Jews only and not also of the Gentiles? On the contrary, of the Gentiles also. (Romans 3, 29)

  • And so it is with those of us whom he has also called, not only from among the Jews, but even from among the Gentiles, (Romans 9, 24)

  • For the Jews ask for signs, and the Greeks seek wisdom. (1 Corinthians 1, 22)

  • But we are preaching Christ crucified. Certainly, to the Jews, this is a scandal, and to the Gentiles, this is foolishness. (1 Corinthians 1, 23)

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