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  • I have been afflicted and greatly humbled. I bellowed from the groaning of my heart. (Psalms 37, 9)

  • I was silenced and humbled, and I was quiet before good things, and my sorrow was renewed. (Psalms 38, 3)

  • For you humbled us in a place of affliction, and the shadow of death has covered us. (Psalms 43, 20)

  • For our soul has been humbled into the dust. Our belly has been bound to the earth. (Psalms 43, 25)

  • In my hearing, you will grant gladness and rejoicing. And the bones that have been humbled will exult. (Psalms 50, 10)

  • A crushed spirit is a sacrifice to God. A contrite and humbled heart, O God, you will not spurn. (Psalms 50, 19)

  • I would have humbled their enemies, as if it were nothing, and I would have sent my hand upon those who troubled them. (Psalms 80, 15)

  • I am poor, and I have been amid hardships from my youth. And, though I have been exalted, I am humbled and disturbed. (Psalms 87, 16)

  • You have humbled the arrogant one, like one who has been wounded. You have scattered your enemies with the arm of your strength. (Psalms 88, 11)

  • We have been rejoicing, because of the days in which you humbled us, because of the years in which we saw evils. (Psalms 89, 15)

  • They humbled his feet in shackles; the iron pierced his soul, (Psalms 104, 18)

  • And their enemies afflicted them, and they were humbled under their hands. (Psalms 105, 42)

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