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  • Therefore, Israel took all his cities and lived in the cities of the Amorite, namely, in Heshbon and its villages. (Numbers 21, 25)

  • Heshbon was the city of Sihon, the king of the Amorites, who fought against the king of Moab. And he took all the land, which had been under his sovereignty, as far as Arnon. (Numbers 21, 26)

  • About this, it is said in the proverb: “Enter into Heshbon. Let the city of Sihon be established and built. (Numbers 21, 27)

  • A fire has gone forth from Heshbon, a flame from the town of Sihon, and it has devoured Ar of the Moabites, and the inhabitants of the heights of Arnon. (Numbers 21, 28)

  • Their yoke has been scattered from Heshbon even to Dibon. They have passed through, wearily, into Nophah, and as far as Medeba.” (Numbers 21, 30)

  • And the Lord said to Moses: “Do not be afraid of him. For I have delivered him, and all his people, as well as his land, into your hand. And you shall do to him just as you did to Sihon, the king of the Amorites, the inhabitant of Heshbon.” (Numbers 21, 34)

  • “Ataroth, and Dibon, and Jazer, and Nimrah, Heshbon, and Elealeh, and Sebam, and Nebo, and Beon, (Numbers 32, 3)

  • Yet truly, the sons of Ruben built up Heshbon, and Elealeh, and Kiriathaim, (Numbers 32, 37)

  • after he had struck down Sihon, the king of the Amorites, who lived at Heshbon, and Og, the king of Bashan, who resided at Ashtaroth and at Edrei, (Deuteronomy 1, 4)

  • ‘Rise up and cross the torrent Arnon! Behold, I have delivered Sihon, the king of Heshbon, the Amorite, into your hand, and so, begin to possess his land and to engage in battle against him. (Deuteronomy 2, 24)

  • Therefore, I sent messengers from the wilderness of Kedemoth to Sihon, the king of Heshbon, with peaceful words, saying: (Deuteronomy 2, 26)

  • And Sihon, the king of Heshbon, was not willing to grant passage to us. For the Lord your God had hardened his spirit, and had fastened his heart, so that he would be delivered into your hands, just as you now see. (Deuteronomy 2, 30)

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