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  • And she, grasping the hem of his garment, said, “Sleep with me.” But he, leaving behind the cloak in her hand, fled and went outside. (Genesis 39, 12)

  • And when the woman saw the garment in her hands and herself being treated with disrespect, (Genesis 39, 13)

  • If you take a garment from your neighbor as a pledge, you shall return it to him again before the setting of the sun. (Exodus 22, 26)

  • Now these shall be the vestments that they shall make: A breastplate and an ephod, a tunic and a close-fit linen garment, a headdress and a wide belt. They shall make the holy vestments for your brother Aaron and his sons, so that they may exercise the priesthood for me. (Exodus 28, 4)

  • and the head will be above its middle, with a hem woven around it, just as is usually made at the end parts of a garment, so that it may not be easily broken. (Exodus 28, 32)

  • Whatever will touch its flesh shall be sanctified. If a garment will be sprinkled with its blood, it shall be washed in a holy place. (Leviticus 6, 27)

  • And anything upon which something from their carcasses will have fallen shall be defiled, whether it is a vessel of wood, or a garment, or skins, or haircloths, or anything by which work is done. These shall be dipped in water and shall be defiled until evening, but then afterwards these shall be clean. (Leviticus 11, 32)

  • A woolen or linen garment that will have held the leprosy, (Leviticus 13, 47)

  • And on the seventh day, having looked at it again, if he detects an increase, it is a persistent leprosy; he shall judge the garment to be polluted, along with everything with which it has been found. (Leviticus 13, 51)

  • And when he will have seen that the former appearance has not returned, even if the leprosy has not increased, he shall judge it to be unclean, and he shall burn it with fire, for the leprosy has been infused in the exterior of the garment, or throughout the whole. (Leviticus 13, 55)

  • But if the place of the leprosy has become somewhat darker, after the garment has been washed, he shall tear it away, and separate it from the part that is sound. (Leviticus 13, 56)

  • This is the law about leprosy for any woolen or linen garment, in the weave and in the threads, and for all items made from skins, how it must be declared either clean or contaminated. (Leviticus 13, 59)

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